Colonial Defense

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App Description

After landing a mining colony in a distant world, you discover that the local creatures have already laid claim to the planet’s bounty of minerals. Now, you must protect your habitat from hordes of aggressive aliens using any means necessary!
Colonial Defense puts you in orbit over a small base of miners that’s being constantly attacked by waves of enemies. By tapping the screen, you can blast, zap, build, detonate and more to keep your colonists safe. As time progresses you’ll unlock more weapons to aid your war effort. But only the craftiest will survive to the end, by combining weapons to amazing effect.

Journey Mode give you unlockable levels with increasing difficulty that award new weapons as you complete them. Survival Mode pits you against endless waves of aliens with nothing but your skills, your endurance, and whatever weapons you’ve unlocked in Journey Mode. Climb through the ranks on the online Survival Mode leaderboard to show off your skills!

Game contains in-app purchases which include:
- Weapons Unlock (Unlocks all Weapons)
- No Ads (remove ads between each session)
- Infinite lives (No cool-down in Survival Mode)
- PRO (No ads and infinite lives in Survival Mode)