Princess Lullaby 2

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App Description

Join Princess Lullaby on another adventurous hunt for magical artifacts.

Princess Lullaby 2 is the sequel to Princess Lullaby. Join Princess Lullaby on another epic puzzle adventure – this time on her quest for the Magic Floating Cloak, which is reputed to possess great magic powers. But beware, dangers in Forest Marrowness must be overcome by solving more than 50 levels of magical challenges. Princess Lullaby 2 features daring and exciting puzzle gameplay and hours of replay value. Levels require logic, anticipatory thinking, and solving skills.

+ 51 mind-blowing puzzle levels
+ Wonderful graphics
+ Enchanting music
+ 5 different princess costumes
+ 6 achievements
+ High score chasing
+ Hours of replay value
+ Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master